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Kant in the mirror of the press

For more than 10 years, the Kant Forschungsstelle (Research Center) has (with the financial support of the Kant-Gesellschaft) commissioned a newspaper clipping service to research mentions of “Kant” in German-language newspapers and magazines. Articles regarding Kant’s work and person as well as meeting reports are indicated in the bibliography.

Of the ca. 350 publications yearly, around 10% have a discussion of Kant literature; approximately 15% refer to Kant’s person or effect of his work. Barely 1/3 of the excerpts are Kant quotations, and in more than half of the material, Kant is mentioned in various contexts.

Although it seems that the presence of the philosopher in contemporary press is remarkable, nevertheless it is not possible within the scope of our work to draw conclusions about his bibiliographical relevance from the presently available material. However, a research project combining the study of history, publications, and folklore could be imagined with the support of the Kant-Gesellschaft.

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