Proceedings of the Third International Kant Congress.
Ed. by Lewis White Beck. Dordrecht 1970
Kongreß 3


Preface V


Part I

Papers presented at Plenary Sessions

Joachim Kopper: Die Kantliteratur 1965Ė1969.... 3

Anhang: Kant-Bibliographie 1965Ė1969 von Rudolf Malter.... 16

Klaus Hartmann: The ĎAnalogiesí and After ....47

Gerhard Funke: Good Conscience, False Consciousness, Judging Reason.... 63

K.-O. Apel: From Kant to Peirce: The Semiotical Transformation of Transcendental Logic ....90

K.-H. Ilting: The Naturaistic Fallacy in Kant....105

T. I. Oiserman: Kant und das Problem einer wissenschaftlichen Philosophie.... 121

J. N: Findlay: Kant and Anglo-Saxon Criticism ....128

Gerd Buchdahl: The Conception of Lawlikeness ind Kantís Philosophy of Science ....149

Robert Palter: Absolute Space and Absolute Motion in Kantís Critical Philosophy ....172

Robert E. Butts: On Buchdahlís and Palterís Papers ....188


Part II

Papers Presented at Concurrent Sessions

Henry E. Allison: Transcendental Affinity Ė Kantís Answer to Hume ....203

Richard Aquila: Concepts, Objects and the Analytic in Kant.... 212

George E. Bilek: The Aim of Kantís "Critique of Pure Reason" ....219

Rüdiger Bubner: Action and Reason; Aristotle vs. Kant ....225

Nicholas Capaldi: The Copernican Revolution in Hume and Kant ....234

Jaime Castañé: La ęPositionĽ structurale díexistence .....241

Konrad Cramer: Non-Pure Synthetic A Priori Judgments in the "Critique of Pure Reason" ....246

Karl-Heinz Dickkopp: Kants ,Ich denkeĎ und Nietzsches ,Wille zur MachtĎ ....255

John E. Dister: Kantís Regulative Ideas and the ĎObjectivityí of Reason ....262

S. I. M. du Plessis: Nietzscheís Use and Abuse of Kantís Philosophy ....270

Paul D. Eisenberg: Kant on Duties to, and Duties Regarding, Oneself ore Others ....275

W. P. Esterhuyse: From Plato to Kant: The Problem of Truth ....281

Justus Hartnack: B 132 Revisited ....288

Wolfhart Henckmann: Über das Moment der Allgemeingültigkeit des ästhetischen Urteils in Kants "Kritik der Urteilskraft" ....295

Thomas E. Hill: The Kingdom of Ends ....307

Heimo E.M. Hofmeister: The Problem of Truth in the "Critique of Pure Reason" ....316

Ulrich Hommes: Kantís Theorie des Praktischen ....322

Rolf P. Horstmann: Maimonís Criticism of Reinholdís ĎSatz des Bewußtseinsí ....330

William B. Hund: Kantís Attitude toward Human Perfection as a Moral Determinant ....339

Manfred Kerkhoff: Nietzsches Kantkritik und ihre Voraussetzungen ....346

Gerhard Knauss: Extensional and Intensional Interpretation of Synthetic Propositions A Priori ....356

Konstantin Kolenda: Kant and Racism ....362

Peter Krausser: Kantís Theory of the Structure of Empirical Scientific Inquiry and Two Implied Postulates Regarding Things in Themselves ....369

Ada Lamacchia: Sprachphilosophische Erwägungen zur Funktion von Signum und Symbolum in Kants kritischer Philosophie ....376

Peter Laska: The Problem of an Ultimate Determining Ground in Kantís Theory of the Will ....387

Ivor Leclerc: The Meaning of ĎSpaceí in Kant ....393

Brendan E. A. Liddell: Kantís ĎDeductioní in the "Grundlegung" .....401

Richard M. Martin: On Kant, Frege, Analyticity, and the Theory of Reference ....407

Ralf Meerbote: The Unknownability of Things in Themselves.... 415

Manfred Moritz: Die Probleme der Deduktion des kategorischen Imperativs. (Ein Vorbericht) ....424

Jerrie G. Murphy: Kantís Theory of Criminal Punishment ....434

Milton C. Nahm: Imagination as the Productive Faculty for ĎCreatingí Another Nature ....442

Hans Radermacher: Bemerkungen zu Kants Theorie der Erfahrung. ....451

Nicholas Rescher: Noumenal Causality ....462

Fritz-Joachim von Rintelen: Kant and Goethe .....471

Lothar Schäfer: The Restrictive and Proliferative Function of Kantís Regulative Ideas....480

Eva Schaper: Are Transcendental Deductions Impossible? ....486

Josef Schmucker: On the Development of Kantís Transcendental Theology ....495

Martin J. Scott-Taggart: The Ptolemaic Counter-Revolution ....501

Hans Seigfried: Kantís Thesis about Being Anticipated by Suarez? ....510

Josef Simon: Phenomena and Noumena: On the Use and Meaning of the Categories.... 521

Erling Skorpen: Kantís Conseption of the Autonomous Dual Self ....528

Ernst Konrad Specht: Wie sind Synthetische Urteile a priori möglich? ....535

Karl Anton Sprengard: Kantkritik und Kantrenaissance im Neupositivismus ....544

G. Tewsadse: Die Struktur der transzendentalen Apperzeption ....553

Giorgio Tonelli: Early Reactions to the Publication of Leibnizí "Nouveaux Essais" (1765) ....561

Roberto Torretti: On the Subjectivity of Objective Space ....568

Frederick P. Van de Pitte: Kant as Philosophical Anthropologist ....574

Ernst Vollrath: Elements of Practice in Kantís Reconstruction of Theory .....582

Ralph C. S. Walker: The Status of Kantís Theory of Matter ....591

Margaret D. Wilson: On Kant and the Refutation of Subjectivism ....597

Friedrich O. Wolf: Kant and Hobbes Concerning the Foundations of Political Philosophy ....607

Allen W. Wood: Kant on False Promises.... 614


Part III

Contributions from the Kant-Archiv, Bonn

Gottfried Martin: The ĎAllgemeiner Kantindexí (Abstract) ....623

Larry Fischer: The Kant Index. An Experiment in Modern Lexicographical Methods. Its Development and Present State ....624

Rainer Gamp: Applications of Information Theory to the Analysis and Interpretation of Kantian Texts ....630

Dieter Krallmann and Tim Krumnack: The Automatic Construction of a Theme Index ....636

Hans-Georg Soeffner: Considerations on the Production of an Intrinsic Lexicon 640

Günther Billmeier: Kantís Critique of Pure Reason and Trivial Lterature. A Comparison of ĎOpen Textsí ....648

Winfried Lenders: On the Examination of -Forms of Statement and Argument in Kantís Language ....656

H. Helmut Reichert: On Genitive Sequences in Kant and Their Automatic Recognition ....665

Katharina Holger: Results of the Work on Kantís Index of Persons ....676

Antje Lange: Kantís Correspondence with Women. A Contribution to a Statistical Evaluation of Kantís Correspondence. (Abstract) ....684

Hans-Georg Juchem: On the Development of the Term ĎIntuitioní in the Pre-Critical Writings of Kant, and Ist Significance for Kantís Aesthetics, with Particular Reference to the "Wortindex zu Kants Gesammelten Schriften" ....685

Jürgen Goetze: Comment on Heideggerís Interpretation of Kant. (Abstract) ....693


Part IV

Abstracts of Papers Read at Concurrent Sessions. ....697


Index of Names and Subjects.... 711