Proceedings of the Sixth Internaional
Kant Congress
(1985 Pennysylvania State University).

Vol. I: Invited Papers, Kant-Bibliography 1970Ė1985.
Edited by Gerhard Funke and Thomas M. Seebohm. Lanham 1991.


Invited Papers

Douglas P. Dryer: The Transcendental Deduction: First Half .....3

Gerhard Funke: "Was wir im Ächten Verstande Philosophie nennen können" ......27

Stephan Körner: On Kantís Theory of Concepts .....55

Gerold Prauss: Kants kritischer Begriff von Wirklichkeit .....71

Nicholas Rescher: Kant und das Cartesische Cogito .....89

Manfred Riedel: Axiomatische oder Akromatische Prinzipien? .....105

Alberto Rosales: Die Einheit des Subjekts in Kants Kritik der reinen Vernunft .....139

Nathan Rotenstreich: Elements of Kantís Conception of Philosophy .....151

John R. Silber: Kant at Auschwitz..... 177

Jules Vuillemin: The Appearance of Nature, Genius and the Classification of the Fine Arts According to Kant: A Contribution to an Intuitionistic Aesthetics .....213


Kant and Peirce

Josef Simon: Das Problem der Bedeutung bei kant und Peirce .....233


Selected Kant Bibliography


Rudolf Malter in cooperation with Achim Köddermann .....257



Proceedings of the Sixth Internaional Kant Congress (1985 Pennysylvania State University). Vol. II,1: Section A, B. Edited by Gerhard Funke and Thomas M. Seebohm. Lanham 1989.


Section A

Prehistory of Kantís Critical Philosophy

Jorge Eugenio Dotti: Die Einwürfe der "einsehenden" Männer ......3

Volker Gerhardt: Handlung und Kausalität: Zum Handlungsbegriff in Kants vorkritischen Schriften .....19

Paul Guyer: Kantís Ambivalent Analogies .....33

Martin Moors: Die Bestimmungsgestalt von Kants Gottesidee und Gemeinschaftsprinzip .....49

Wolfgang Röd: "Existence" as "Absolute Position": Kantís Concept of Existence in "The only Possible Premise for a Demonstration of the Existence of God" .....67

Halley D. Sanchez: Just How Revolutionary is Kanís Copernican Revolution? .....83

Gordon Treash: Crusius and Kant: Preformationism and Epigenesis .....95

Ye Xiu-Shan: Before and after Kant .....109

Sara Yaretzky-Kahansky: Three Notions of Rationality: Descartes, Leibniz, and Kant .....117


Section B

Transcendental Aesthetic and Analytic

Kent Baldner: ĎQuiningí Kant .....123

Manfred Baum: Der Aufbau der Deduktion der Kategorien .....v143

Wolfgang Becker: Urteil und Synthesis als Bestandteile von Argumentationshandlungen .....157

Luc Bovens: Can There Be More Than One Set of Categories? .....169

Jill Vance Buroker: On Kantís Proof of the Existence of Material Objects .....183

Pio Colonnello: A propos du concept du ęrienĽ dans líanalytique transcendantale kantienne .....199

Joseph Claude Evans, Jr.: Predicative Compossibility and Transcendental Logic .....209

Lorne Falkenstein: Kantís First Argument in the Metaphysical Expositions .....219

Susan Feldman: Kantís Schemata as Reference Rules .....229

Hansgeorg Hoppe: Vom Nutzen und Nachteil der metaphysischen Kategoriendeduktion .....241

D. L. C. Maclachlan: The Transcendental Ideality of Sets and Objects .....251

Ralf Meerbote: A Sometimes Neglected Aspect of Kantís Subjective Deduction .....259

Igor S. Narski: Dialektik in der Problematik der transzendentalen Analytik Kants .....272

Hoke Robinson: Objects for Transcendental Arguments .....279

Rogelio Rovira: Kantís Classification of Concepts According to their Material of Origin .....291

Hubert Schwyzer: Sentience and Apperzeption .....303

Gottfried Seebaß: Transzendentale Apperzeption .....323

Hans Seigfried: Transcendental Experiments .....341

Rainer Stuhlmann-Laeisz: Überlegungen zur Argumentationsstruktur der "Transzendentalen Deduktion" .....351

Dieter Sturma: "Das Doppelte Ich im Bewußtsein meiner selbst." Zur Struktur von Kants Begriffs des Selbstbewußtseins .....367

Theodore E. Uehling, Jr.: Disallowing "Impossible to consider" Hypothetical Worlds: Kantís Second Analogy .....383

Miklos Vetö: Le centaure et líétalon: une variante sur le thème de la synthèse a priori .....397

J. Michael Young: Kant on Imagination .....409

Guenter Zoeller: Apriorische Gegenstandsbeziehung als Intensionalität in ß 14 der "Kritik der reinen Vernunft" .....421



Proceedings of the Sixth Internaional Kant Congress (1985 Pennysylvania State University). Vol. II,2: Section C Ė H. Edited by Gerhard Funke and Thomas M. Seebohm. Lanham 1989.


Section C

Transcendental Dialectic and Transcendental Doctrine of Method

Graeme Hunter: Kant and Ontological Argument ......v3

Kwang-Sae Lee: Two Interpretations of the Structure of the Mathematical Antinomies of the

"Critique of Pure Reason" .....11

Eric C. Sandberg: Thinking in Themselves..... 23

James Van Cleve: Incongruent Counterparts and Things in Themselves..... 33


Section D

Philosophy of Science and Mathematics

Juan Ramón Alvarez: The Underlying Structure of Kantís "Metaphysische Anfangsgründe der Naturwissenschaft" .....49

Gordon G. Brittan, Jr.: Constructibility and the World-Picture .....65

Howar Duncan: Constructions and Their Discovery .....83

Michael Friedman: Kant on Laws of Nature and the Foundations of Newtonian Science..... 97

C. Ellsworth Hood: Thinking with Kant About Thinking Scientifically .....109

Peter Krausser: Kant on Hypothetical Employment of Reason in Science .....123

Francisco Miró Quesada: Kant and the Problem of Synthetical Mathematical Propositions .....135


Section E

Critique of Practical Reason

Henry E. Allison: The Hidden Circle in Groundwork III .....149

Henning Jensen: Kant on Overdetermination, Indirect Duties, and Moral Worth .....161

Ricardo Maliandi: Bemerkungen zur "Umkehrung" des kategorischen Imperativs .....171

John Marshall: The Syntheticity of the Categorical Imperative .....185

Leslie A. Mulholland: Value and Ontology in Kantís Concept of the End in Itself .....201

Yoshimichi Nkajima: Transcendental Freedom and Practical Freedom .....213

Roger J. Sullivan: The Categorical Imperative and the Natural Law .....219


Section F

Metaphysics of Marality and Law

Sharon Anderson-Gold: Ethical Community and the Highest Good..... 231

Sidney Axinn: Kant on World Government .....243

Wolfgang Kerstin: Die juridische Gesetzgebung der Vernunft .....253

Patrick Riley: The "Place" of Politics in Kantís Practical Philosophy .....267


Section G

Aesthetics, Teleology, Anthropology, History, and Religion

Donald W. Crawford: Kantís Principles of Judgment and Taste .....281

A. C. Genova: Aesthetic Justification and Systematic Unity in Kantís Third Critique .....293

George di Giovanni: Free Choice and Radical Evil: The Irrationalism of Kantís Moral Theory .....311

L. A. Kalinnikov: What Sense is Conealed in the Postulates of Practical Reason? .....327

L. A. Kemal: Kant and the Production of Fine Art .....333

Rudolf A. Makreel: The Role of Synthesis in the Critique of Judgment .....345

Peter McLaughlin: What is an Antinomy of Judgment? .....357

Philip J. Rossi, S. J.: Evil and the Motal Power of God .....369

Anthony Savile: What is a Judgment of Taste? .....383

José L. Villacañas: Metakritik der Vernunft versus Geschichte der Vernunft .....397

Allen W. Wood: The Immortality of Moral Faith.....417


Section H

History of the Influence of Kant on the Later Philosophy

Karl Ameriks: Reinhold and the Short Argument to Idealism .....441

Teoman Durali: An Introductory Essay on the Biological Foundations of A Priori Cognitive Faculties .....456

Jean Grondin: De Kant à Fichte .....471

Graciela F. de Maliandi: Kant and Popper: Towards a Metaphysics of Experience .....493

Andreas Michaelis: Fichtes Frühschriften zwischen Transzendentalphilosophie und ,WissenschaftslehreĎ .....505

Ilie Pârvu: Transcendental Arguments in Contemporary Metascience..... 525

Robert B. Pippin: Apperception and Difference Between Kantian and Hegelian Idealism..... .....535


Section J

Kant and Peirce

Roberta Kevelson: Trowing, Discovering, and Trust: Peirceís Response to Kant on a Mode of Knowing .....553

N. A. Brian Noble: Peirceís enduring debt to Kant .....569

Helmut Pape: Ding an sich und die Unabhängigkeit der Realität: Peirces semiotische Kritik und Umdeutung Kants .....581

Lynn Stephens: Kantian Noumena and Peirceian Noumena .....595

Wolfgang M. Ueding: Von Kant zu Peirce .....603