Proceedings of the Eighth International Kant Congress.
Memphis 1995. Ed. by Hoke Robinson. Volume I, 1Ė3. Milwaukee 1995.

Volume I.1

Hoke Robinson, Memphis: Editorís Introduction


Section 1

Opening Session

Allen Wood, Cornell: Kantís Project for Perpetual Peace .....3

Jules Vuillemin, Collège de France: On Perpetual Peace, and On Hope as Duty .....19


Section 2

Kant and the Problem of Peace

Section 2A

Freedom and Perpetual Peace

Henry Allison, California-San Diego: The Gulf Between Nature and Freedom and Natureís Guarantee of Perpetual Peace .....37

Paul Guyer, Pennsylvania: Nature, Morality and the Possibility of Peace..... 51

Bernd Ludwig, München: Moralische Politiker und Teuflische Bürger: Korreferat zu den Vorträgen von Henry Allison und Paul Guyer .....71


Section 2B

Religion and Perpetual Peace

Pauline Kleingeld, Saint Louis: What do the Virtuous Hope for? Re-reading Kantís Doctrine of the Highest Good .....91

Reiner Wimmer, Tübingen: Kants philosophischer Entwurf "Zum ewigen Frieden" und die Religion .....113


Section 2C

History and Perpetual Peace

Rudolf E. Makreel, Emory: Differentiating Dogmatic, Regulative, and Reflective Approaches to History .....123

Jan Joerden, Frankfurt (Oder): From Anarchy to Republic: Kantís History of State Constitutions .....139

Volker Gerhardt, Berlin: Eine Theorie der Politik: Zu Kants Entwurf "Zum ewigen Frieden" .....157


Section 2D

Law and Perpetual Peace

Sharon Byrd, Augsburg: The State as a ĎMoral Personí .....171

Ernest J. Weinrib, Toronto: Publicness and Private Law .....191

Comment: Norman Gillespie, New York: Publicness and the Fundamental Precepts of Tort Law .....203

Joachim Hruschka, Erlangen: Co-subjectivity, the Right to Freedom and Perpetual Peace .....215


Section 2E

Government and Perpetual Peace

Patrick Riley, Wisconsin/Harvard: Politics Homage to Morality: Kantís "Toward Eternal Peace" after 200 years .....231

Pierre Laberge, Ottawa: Líapplication du principe ęExeundum e statu naturaliĽ aux relations interétatiques .....243


Section 2F

Society and Perpetual Peace

Ludwig Siep, Münster: Kant and Hegel on Peace and International Law .....259

Georg Geismann, München/Firenze: On the Philosophically Unique Realism of Kantís Doctrine of Eternal Peace .....273


Section 2G

Morality and Perpetual Peace

Leonid Kalinnikov, Kaliningrad: The Categorical Imperative of Law and International Law .....293

Allen Wood, Cornell: Humanity as End in Itself .....301


Section 2H

The Politics of Peace

Reinhard Brandt, Marburg: Zu Kants politischer Philosophie..... 323

Ė Concluding Discussion Ė

Sharon Byrd, Augsburg: Perpetual Peace: A 20th Century Project .....343


Volume I.2

Section 3

Kantian Themes

Section 3A

Pre-History of the Critical Philosophy

Klaus Erich Kaehler, Köln: Die prästabilierte Harmonie nach der transzendentalen Wende .....363

Manfred Kuehn, Purdue: The Moral Dimension of Kantís Inaugural Dissertation: A New Perspective on the ĎGreat Light of 1769?í .....373

Ludger Honnefelder, Bonn: Die "Transzendentalphilosophie der Alten": Zur mittelalterlichen Vorgeschichte von Kants Begriff der Transzendentalphilosophie .....393


Section 3B

Space and Time

James van Cleve, Brown: The Ideality of Time .....411

William L. Harper, Western Ontario: Kant, Riemann, and Reichenbach on Space and Geometry .....423

Jill Vance Buroker, San Bernadino: Kant and the Private Language Argument .....455


Section 3C

Transcendental Deduction, First Critique

Manfred Baum, Wuppertal: Über die Kategoriendeduktion in der 1. Auflage der "Kritik der reinen Vernunft" .....467

Richard Aquila, Tennessee: Transcendent Unity as a Quasi-Object in the First "Critique" .....483


Section 3D

Dialectic and Methodology, First Critique

Susan Neiman, Yale: Understanding the Unconditioned .....505

Béatrice Longuenesse, Princeton: The Transcendental Ideal and the Unity of the Critical System .....521

Mario Caimi, Buenos Aires: On a Non-Regulative Function of the Ideal of Pure Reason .....539


Section 3E

Kant and Logic

Vladimir Bryushinkin, Kaliningrad: The Interaction of Formal and Transcendental Logic .....553

Thomas M. Seebohm, Mainz: Some Difficulties in Kantís Conception of Formal Logic .....567

Michael Young, Kansas: Kantís Ill-Conceived "Clue" .....583


Section 3F

Philosophy of Science

Michael Friedman, Indiana: Matter and Material Substance in Kant's Philosophy of Nature: The Problem of Infinitive Divisibility .....595

Gordon G. Brittan, Jr., Montana State: The Continuity of Matter .....611


Section 3G

Philosophy of Mathematics

Carl Posy, Duke: Unity, Identity, Infinity: Leibnizian Themes in Kantís Philosophy of Mathematics .....621


Section 3H

Kantís Psychology

Patricia Kitcher, California-San Diego: Kant on Some Functions of Self-Consciousness .....645

Dieter Sturma, Lüneburg: Self-Consciousness and the Philosophy of Mind: A Kantian Reconsideration .....661

Karl Ameriks, Notre Dame: Kant and Mind .....675


Section 3I

Kantian Ethics

Marcia Baron, Illinois/Urbana-Champaign: Sympathy and Coldness: Kant on the Stoic and the Sage .....691

Ė Comment: Nancy Sherman, Georgetown: Kant on Sentimentalism and Stoic Apathy .....705

Roger J. Sullivan, South Carolina: Kant Confronts Machiavelli: A Pedagogy for a Comtemporary Course in Moral Theories .....713

Ė Comment: Walter E. Schaller, Texas Tech: Comments on ĎKant Confronts Machiavellií .....723

John E. Atwell, Temple: Kant and the Duty to Promote Othersí Happiness .....727

Ė Comment: Stephen Engstrom, Pittsburgh: Happiness and Beneficience .....735


Section 3J

The Peace Essay: East European Perspectives

Rado Riha, Ljubljana: Zur Möglichkeit einer moralischen Politik heute .....743


Section 3K


Claudio La Rocca, Pisa: Ästhetische Erfahrung und ästhetisches Bewußtsein: Das Lustgefühl in Kants Ästhetik .....757

Ė Comment: Maria Filomena Molder, Lisboa: Comments on Professor Claudio La Rocca .....771

Jane Keller, Colorado State: The Interests of Disinterest .....777

Ė Comment: G. Felicitas Munzel, Notre Dame: The Privileged Status of Interes in Natureís Beautiful Forms: A Response to Jane Keller .....787

Christel Fricke, Heidelberg: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly .....793

Ė Comment: Salim Kemal, Scotland: Feeling and Judgment: Ethics and Aesthetics .....803


Secton 3L


Bernd Dörflinger, Mainz: The Underlying Teleology of the First Critique..... 813

Rudolf Langthaler, Linz: Zu Kants Idee der ĎPraktischen Teleologieí .....827

Ralf Meerbote, Rochester: Function and Purpose in Kantís Theory of Knowledge .....845


Section 3M

Kantís Opus postumum

François Marty, Paris: La philosophie transcendantale, au terme de líOpus postumum .....865

Burkhard Tuschling, Marburg: Transcendental Idealism in Leibniz and Kant: The Paradigm, Problems, and the Dialectic of the I as the First Principle of Philosophy? .....881


Section 3N

The Kantians

Daniel O. Dahlstrom, Catholic University: Kant and Jacobi .....907

Günter Zöller, Iowa: Changing the Appearances: Fichteís Transcendental Theory of Practical Self-Determination .....929

Daniel Breazale, Kentucky: "More than a Pious Wish": Fichte on Kant on Perpetual Peace .....943


Section 3O

Kant and Hegel

Sally Sedgwick, Dartmouth: Hegelís Critique of Kant on Matter and the Forces

Ė Comment: David S. Stern, Toledo: Kant and Hegel on the Logic of Being-for-Self .....973

Robert B. Pippin, Chicago: Avoiding German Idealism: Kant and the Reflective Judgment Problem .....977

Ė Comment: Frederick Neuhouser, Harvard: Response to Robert Pippin .....999

Rolf-Peter Horstmann, München: Whatís Wrong with Kantís Categories, Professor Hegel? .....1005

Ė Comment: Stephen Houlgate, Warwick: Response to Professor Horstmann .....1017


Section 3P

Kant and Phenomenology

Ernst Wolfgang Orth, Trier: Husserlís Phenomenology as Realization of Kantian Philosophy? .....1027

Gian-Carlo Rota, MIT: Kantís Synthesis A Priori and Husserlís Phenomenology of Fulfillment .....1037


Section 3Q

Kant and Critical Theory

Thomas McCarthy, Northwestern: Kantís Enlightenment Project Reconsidered .....1049

James Bohman, Saint Louis: The Public Spheres of the World Citizen. .....1065


Section 3R

Comtemporary Readings, Critique of Judgment

Dennis J. Schmidt, Villanova: Lyrical and Ethical Subjects .....1083

John Sallis, Penn State: Mixed Arts .....1093

John Llewelyn, Edinburgh: Arendtís Judgment .....1105


Section 3S

Kant Research Today

Graham Bird, Manchester: Tradition and Revolution in Kant .....1119

Fumiyasu Ishikawa, Sendai, Japan: Kants Erwerbung der Systematologie der Vernunftkritik .....1137


Section 4

Special Sessions

Section 4A

The Rawls Legacy

Thomas E. Hill, Jr., Chapel Hill: Rawlsís Legacy: An Ideal and a Project .....1157

Christine M. Korsgaard, Harvad: Rawls and Kant: On the Primacy of the Practical .....1165

Susan Neiman, Yale: Symposium: The Rawls Legacy .....1175

Andrews Reath, California-Riverside: Understanding Kantian Autonomy .....1185

John Rawls, Harvard: Remarks .....1193


Section 4B

Kant Reception in Eastern Europe

Leonid Kalinnikov, Kaliningrad: Kant Research in Kaliningrad and its Place in Russian Kant Research .....1201

Karol Bal, Wroclaw: Kant in Poland .....1207

Rado Riha, Ljubljana: Zur Kantrezeption im ehemaligen Jugoslawien und im heutigen Slowenien .....1213

Alexandru Boboc, Bukarest: Zur Kantrezeption in Rumänien .....1221


Section 4C

Kant Reception in Asia

Shin-ichi Yuasa, Kyoto: A Historical View of the Japanese Response to Kantís Philosophy .....1227

Hua Terence Tai, Taipei: Kant and Contemporary Neo-Confucians .....1245

Zhang Shi-Ying, Peking: Kant and Chines Philosophy .....1251

Steven Palmquist, Hong Kong: Kant-Studies in the Hong Kong Philosophical Context .....1257

Md. Golam Dastagir, Bangladesh: Kant Reception in Bangladesh: Perspective Humanism .....1273

Arindam Chakrabarti, Delhi: Kant in India .....1281

Zeynep Direk, Memphis: The Reception of Kant in Turkey .....1287


Section 4D

Kant Dissemination

Margit Ruffing, Mainz: Die Kant-Forschungsstelle in Mainz und ihre Projekte (insbesondere das der Internationalen Kant-Bibliographie) .....1297

Werner Stark, Marburg: Kurze Vorstellung von Band XXV der Akademie-Ausgabe von Kants Gesammelten Schriften, "Vorlesungen über Anthropologie": Inhalt und Verfahren .....1305

Winfried Lenders, Bonn: Publiziertes und Verschwiegenes: Zur elektronischen Edition vonImmanuel Kants Nachlaß .....1311

Manfred Kuehn, Purdue: The Bibliography of the North American Kant Society .....1323

Paul Guyer, Pennsylvania: Report on the ĎCambridge Edition of the Works of Immanuel Kantí .....1325

Burkhard Tuschling, Marburg: The Project of the German-Russian Edition of Kantís Works .....1329


Section 5

Colloquia Commentaries

Section 5A

Discussions Ė Kantís Theoretical Philosophy

Ted Uehling, Minnesota-Morris: Comments on Ken Rogersonís "Beauty Without Concepts" .....1337

Jay Rosenberg, Chapel Hill: Comments on Professor Markku Leppäkoski, "The Transcendental Schemata" .....1341

Olav Wiegand, Mainz: Necessity: Is Constitutive and Regulative Aspects Ė Comments on Hansgeorg Hoppe .....1347

Hans Seigfried, Loyola/Chicago: Professor Gloy and Kantís Critical Experiments .....1355

Frank Kirkland, Hunter/CUNY: Comments on Richard McDonalds "Kantís Argument Against the Possibility of Cognitive Science" .....1361


Section 5B

Discussions Ė Kantís Practical Philosophy

M. H. McCarthy, Brockville/Ontario: Comments on George di Giovanniís "The Morally Responsible Individual" .....1369

Nathalie Brender, Johns Hopkins: Commentary on Larry Krasnoff: "Formal Liberlism and the Justice of Publicity" .....1375

Sidney Axinn, Temple: Comments on Harry van der Linden, "Kant, the Duty to Promote International Peace, and Political Intervention" .....1381

Howard Williams, Wales: Judgment on War: A Response Ė Comments on George Cavallar, "Kants Urteilen über den Krieg" .....1385




Proceedings of the Eighth International Kant Congress.
Memphis 1995. Ed. by Hoke Robinson. Volume II, 1-2. Milwaukee 1995.


Section 1

Discussions: Kant's Theoretical Philosophy

Ken Rogerson, Florida International: Beatuy Without Concepts .....3

Markku Leppäkoski, Stockholm: The Transcendental Schemata .....13

Hansgeorg Hoppe, Saarbrücken: Why Kant has Problems with Empirical Laws .....21

Karen Gloy, Lucerne: Die Bedeutung des Experiments für die Kantische Philosophie .....29

Richard McDonough, Tulsa: Kantís Argument against the Possibility of Cognitive Science .....37


Section 2

Discussions: Kantís Practical Philosophy

George Di Giovanni, Montreal: The Morally Responsible Individual .....49

Larry Krasnoff, Virginia Tech: Formal Liberalism and the Justice of Publicity .....61

Harry van der Linden, Indianapolis: Kant, the Duty to Promote International Peace, and Political Intervention .....71

George Cavallar, Vienna: Kants Urteilen über den Krieg .....81


Section 3

Kant and his Predecessors

Anselm Model, Freiburg: Sprache und Symbol. Aspekte der Leibniz-Rezeption Immanuel Kants .....93

Daniel Leserre, Buenos Aires: Language and Method in the Preisschrift of 1764 .....101

Myron Sloboda, Toronto: Missing the Blue Schema: a Critique of Humeís Theory of Physical Series Formation .....109

Alfredo Ferrarin, Pisa: Kantís Productive Imagination in ist Historical Context .....119

Gordon Treash, Sackville, Can.: Kant and the Moral Sense: 1765 .....125

Katsutoshi Kawamura, Kyoto: Bemerkungen zur Vorgeschichte der Freiheitsantinomie Kants..... 133


Section 4

The First Critique: Transcendental Aesthetic

Jan Bransen, Utrecht: Contemporary Anthropocentrism, Salomon Maimon, and the Problem of Experience .....145

D. L. C. Maclachlan, Kingston: the Thing in Itself Appears in a Meta-language .....155

Isabel Cabrera, U. Nat. Aut. de México: Kantís Transcendental Arguments .....163

William Blattner, Georgetown: The Non-Sythetic Unity of the Forms of Intuition in Kantís "Critique of Pure Reason" .....169

Frederick van de Pitte, Edmonton: Kantís Problem with Space and Time .....179

Margaret Morrison, Toronto: Space, Time and Reprocity .....187


Section 5

The First Critique: Analytic of Concepts

Pedrag Cicovacki, Worcester MA: Kant on the Nature of Truth .....199

Marco Frangiotti, London: the Kantian ĎI thinkí, the Cartesian Soul and the Humean Mind .....207

Quanhua Liu, Duke: the Problem of Self-Intuition and Kantís Solution .....217

Andrew Carpenter, El Cerrito CA: Kantís (Poblematic) Account of Empirical Concepts .....227

Mercedes Torrevejano, Valencia: Der Skeptizismus der philosophischen Vernunft und der ewige Friede in der Philosophie .....235

María Lobeiras, Trier: Entwicklungsgeschichtliche Betrachtung des Verhältnisses zwischen formaler und transzendentaler Logik im Denken Kants .....245


Section 6

The First Critique: Transcendental Deduction

Claude Piché, Montreal: Self-Referentiality in Kantís Transcendental Philosophy .....259

Darrell Johnson, Carbondale: Kantís Metaphysical Deduction .....269

Wing-Chun Wong, Towson State MD: A Step Toward a Semantic Interpretation of the Deduction of the Categories .....277

Johnson, Carbondale: Kantís Two-Step B-Deduction .....295

Ted Kinnaman, Konstanz: Kantís Transcendental Deduction of the Ideas of Pure Reason .....303


Section 7

The First Critique: Principles and Dialectic

Andrew Brook, Carleton Univ.: Realism in the Refutation of Idealism .....313

Charles Nussbaum, Arlington TX: Syntax, Semantics, and Pragmatics in Kantís Schematism .....321

Geor Mohr, Münster: Wahrnehmungsurteile und Schematismus .....331

Mark Wollmann, Leuven: The Development of Kantís Notion of the ĎSum Total of All Possibilitiesí and ist Application to Science..... 341

Wolfang Malzkorn, Dormagen: Die Seele als Pseudogegenstand metaphysischer Erkenntnis .....349

Kenneth Westphal, New Hampshire: Kantís Critique of Determinism in Empirical Psychology .....357


Section 8

Philosophy of Science

Andrew Ward, York UK: What is the Relationsship between Kantís Defense of Natural Science and his Attack on Humeís Scepticism about Causation? ......373

Eric Watkins, Notre Dame: Is a Transcendental Deduction Necessary for the ĎMetaphysical Foundationsí? .....381

Renate Wahsner, Berlin: Das notwendige Dritte .....389

Carsten Held, Freiburg: Bohr and Kantian Idealism .....397

Wing-Chun Wong, Towson State: Kantís Conception of Ether as a Field in the "Opus postumum" .....405

Kenneth Westphal, New Hampshire: Does Physics Have a ĎMetaphysical Foundationí? Kantís Proof of the Law of Inertia .....413


Section 9

Kant and Teleology

Werner Euler, Marburg: Zur Problematik des Verhältnisses von äußerer und innerer Zweckmäßigkeit in Kants Kritik der teleologischen Urteilskraft .....427

Irmgard Scherer, Baltimore: Kantís Eschatology in "Zum ewigen Frieden": The Concept of Purposiveness to Guarantee Perpetual Peace .....437

Kevin Thompson, Florida Atlantic: The Antinomy of Teleological Judgment and the Concept of an Intuitive Intellect: Transformation and Conflict .....445

Hannah Ginsborg, Berkeley: Purposiveness and Normativity .....453


Section 10

Kantian Aesthetics

Piero Giordanetti, Milan: Kant und Wickelmann: Beobachtungen zu einer Quelle der Kritik der ästhetischen Urteilskraft .....463

Birgit Recki, Münster: ,Ideal der SchönheitĎ und Primat der Natur .....473

Beate Bradl, Heidelberg: ,Erkenntnis überhauptĎ in empirischen Erkenntnisurteilen und reinen Geschmacksurteilen: Überlegungen zu ß21 der "Kritik der Urteilskraft" .....481

Patricia Matthews, Florida State: Kant on Taste and Cognition .....489

Theodore Gracyk, Moorhead State: Art, Nature, and Purposiveness in Kant's Aesthetic Theory .....499

Gene Fendt, Nebraska-Kearney: Sublimity and Human Works: Kant on Tragedy and War .....509


Section 11

Practical Philosophy

Heiner Klemme, Marburg: Beobachtungen zur Kantischen Vermittlung von Theorie und Praxis in der praktischen Philosophie .....521

Marcus Willaschek, Münster: Was sind praktische Gesetze? .....533

Toshiro Terada, Kyoto: ĎThe Universal Principle of Rightí as the Supreme Principle of Kantís Practical Philosophy .....541

Jennifer Uleman, Pennsylvania: Kant on the Right to Property and the Value of External Freedom .....549

David James, Old Dominion: Kant on Ideal Friendship in the "Doctrine of Virtue" .....557

Louise Marcil, Montreal: Possesio noumenon et réciprocité: Kant et la femme das la Métaphysique des Múurs .....567


Section 12

Kant on Morality

Frederick Rauscher, Villanova: Kantís Conflation of Pure Practical Reason and Will .....579

Richard McCarthy, East Carolina: Moral Weakness and Self-Deception .....587

Charles Kielkopf, Ohio State: Saving Freedom with Non-reductive Eliminative Materialism .....595

Rainer Stuhlmann-Laeisz, Bonn: Obligation and Prohibition: The Only Possible Outcomes of a Moral Decision Following Kantís Categorical Imperative .....605

Franz Nauen, Haifa: The Relationship between Ethics and Metaphysics in the First Edition of the "Critique of Pure Reason": My Debt to Izchak Klein .....621


Section 13

Kant on Religion

Jose Miguel Odero, Pamplona: Methodological Considerations for the Study of the Kantian Philosophy of Religion .....633

Michelle Grier, San Diego: Kantís Rejection of Rational Theology .....641

Michael Gass, Wooster OH: Kant on Moral Alienation in Religion .....651

Victoria Wike, Loyola-Chicago: Another Look at Kantís Arguments for Immortality .....661

Rolf George, Waterloo, Ont.: Immortality..... 669

Philip Rossi, Marquette: The Social Authority of Reason: The ĎTrue Churchí as the Locus for Moral Progress .....679


Section 14

Kant on Humanity and History

Sharon Anderson-Gold, Rensselaer: A Common Vocation: Humanity as a Moral Species .....689

Sarah Holtman, Washington DC: Kantís Formula of Humanity and the Pursuit of Subjective Ends .....697

Alfred Nordmann, South Carolina: Community, Immortality, Enlightenment: Kantís Scholarly Republic .....705

Bruce Merrill, Cambridge NY: Kantís Importation of Historical Materialism .....713

John Moore, Emory: Reflection and Orientation in Kant .....721

William Clohesy, Northern Iowa: A Constitution for a Race of Devils .....733


Section 15

Political Theory

Lilian Oprea, Bucharest: Sur la relation entre líantinomie politique et líantinomie pratique kantienne .....745

Kevin Dodson, Beaumont, Tex.: Kantís Idea of the Social Contract .....753

Dieter Hüning, Marburg: Kant auf den Spuren von Thomas Hobbes? .....761

Franz Hespe, Marburg: Recht, rechtliche Verbindlichkeit und ursprünglicher Kontrakt bei Kant .....773


Section 16

Kant on Peace (I)

Olaf Asbach, Marburg Der ewige Friede, Europa und das Alte Reich .....787

Lutz Baumann, Mainz: Zum Verhältnis von Regenten und Philosophen im Denken der Neuzeit .....805

Rodica Croitoru, Bucharest: Kant and Totalitarianism .....813

Willi Goetschel, Columbia Univ.: Kritik und Frieden: Zur literarischen Strategie der Schrift "Zum ewigen Frieden" .....821


Section 17

Kant on Peace (II)

Susan Robbins, Austin Peay: From Duty to Enlightenment: the Place of the Spectator .....831

W. van der Kuijlen, Nijmegen: The Politics of Reason: The Theoretical Background of Perpetual Peace and Secrecy .....839

C. A. Brincat, Chicago: Kantís Highest Good: Individuality, Society, and Perpetual Peace .....849

Aleksander Bobko, Rzeszów, Poland: The Problem of Evil and the Idea of Eternal Peace in Kantís Philosophy .....857

Arto Siitonen, Helsinki: Transcendental Reasoning in Kantís Treatise on Perpetual Peace .....865

Heinz Wichmann, Bielefeld: Zum Problem des ewigen Friedens bei Kant .....873


Section 18

Kant and his Successors

Lu De Vos, Duffel, Belg.: Kants "Zum ewigen Frieden" und Fichtes Rezension .....883

Jean-Christophe Merle, Tübingen: La réception du ęProjet de paix perpetuelleĽ par Fichte: La critique díun Kant prisonnier du droit des gens .....893

Jeanne Schuler, Creighton Univ.: Reasonable Hope: Kant as Critical Theorist .....901

Susanne Weiper, Bonn: Eine Idee zwischen Politik und Moral Ė Der Friedensgedanke bei Kant und Scheler .....909

Armin Sollbach, Gießen: Der Einsatz der Vernunft .....919

Tassilo Eichberger, Munich: Die Architektur der Vernunft .....927