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Kant bibliography

The Kant research center is the center of information for all questions concerning Kant literature. The Kant yearly bibliography is available in fourth issue of Kant-Studien every year.

New publications are ongoingly added. This data serves as the fundament for the individual bibliographical projects.

The bibliographical information center provides information about the newest Kant literature twice a year.
With the International Kant Bibliography 1749–1990 begun by Rudolph Malter, the Kant research center is striving to provide a complete documentation of Kant’s writings (also translations) as well as all literature concerning Kant.

The first band, Kant-Bibliographie 1945–1990, published in 1999, as well as the subsequent band published in 2006, the Kant-bibliography 1896–1944, have been published by Verlag Vittorio Klostermann. The sequel is currently be worked on; we would be grateful for any advice or information concerning the period 1749–1895.

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