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Bibliographical information service

The recording of new Kant literature in a yearly bibliography belongs to the bibliographical program of Kant-Studien. Making this as complete and exact as possible requires at minimum two years between publication and bibliography year.

The bibliograpical information service, which is jointly published by the Mainz Kant Research Center (Forschungsstelle) and the Kant-Gesellschaft, wishes to bridge this information gap through providing preliminary information regarding the newest important publications before they can be included in yearly bibliography. In order to provide information as comprehensively and quickly as possible, titles that have not yet passed through a careful examination may be included and therefore regarding them are possible. However, the corrected version will be included in the current yearly bibliography of Kant-Studien.

The bibliographical information service comes out in spring and fall. It is send directly to those interested.
If you do not require a paper copy of the information service because of your access to the internet version, please send a short notice to: Frau Schwab
Universität Mainz
Colonel-Kleinmann-Weg 2
D-55128 Mainz.
E-Mail: kant[at]

It is particularly helpful for the information service when authors writing on Kant send the titles of their new publications immediately to the information service after they are published (with essays and book reviews, if possible with a copy of the text itself). Thank you in advance to those authors prepared to be of help in this way.