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Kant Iconography

Paintings Paintings
Caricatures Caricatures
Medals, Coins, and Insignias (Plakette) Medals, Coins, and Insignias (Plakette)
Miniatures Miniatures
Reliefs, Busts, and Statues Reliefs, Busts, and Statues
Silhouette Silhouette
Engraving, Print, WoodcutsEngraving, Print, Woodcuts
Drawings Drawings
Text Text
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From this page, you have access to the digitalized version of the collection of Kant pictures collected by Rudolph Malter. We wish to keep his legacy from being forgotten and make these pictures available for an interested public.

Choose one of the categories to the left and you will be directed to the corresponding list of pictures. From there, you can view a picture by clicking on the appropriate preview icon. The picture will be opened in its own window. Next to the thumbnail, you will find a short description of the picture and a reference to further texts in the form of a number. With the help of the text list, you can find the bibliographical information corresponding to the text (which are located in the Kant Research Center. (The numbering of pictures and texts corresponds to an internal organizational system.)

The classification and description of the materials was done according to simple and physical (äußerlichen) criteria. We extend our thanks to the employees of the MultiMedia Verlag Wiesbaden for the scanning and picture editing, and to Alexander Filipowski and Olaf Schiel for the technical realization of the project. We would be thankful for the comments and suggestions for improvement both in regard to content and of a technical nature.

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